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Advocates Wolfowicz, Wende and Biedulski are professionalists specialising in broadly understood criminal law, combining many years of experience and legal insight with individual approach to each case and, first and foremost, to each client.

Wolfowicz Wende Biedulski
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Our experience makes us stand out

Our law firm’s partners and team of advocate associates represent our clients in many complex criminal cases.

Our practice areas include especially business crime, traffic accident and medical malpractice cases. We conduct cases starting from preliminary proceedings, through proceedings before Courts at first and second instance and last resort appeals before the Supreme Court up to enforcement proceedings.

We offer advice to members of governing bodies in different types of business entities regarding ways to avoid risk related to possible criminal cases. In emergencies, we ensure you get prompt and professional defence

We pursue claims for redress of damage and recompense connected with offences committed to the detriment of our clients.

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We work with top professionals

In cases where representation of multiple clients is required we cooperate with Law Firms of advocates Marian Hilarowicz and Paweł Wasylkowski.

We also work with Orzechowski and Łukowska Law Firm specialising in litigation services for large business entities.

We make use of the knowledge of professionals and court-appointed experts in bookkeeping, accounting, finances, traffic accident reconstruction, medicine, toxicology and examination of audiovisual materials and forensic evidence.

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Wolfowicz Wende Biedulski